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News from the Campaign

Emirates Environmental Group along with Sabban Properties Plants 50 trees at National Charity School- Dubai


Under the aegis of the Billion Tree Campaign, the Emirates Environmental Group in association with Sabban Properties has planted 50 indigenous trees on 24th March at National Charity School - Dubai.

EEG Chairperson Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi, Nicola Clarke, Environmental Officer, Sabban Properties and officials of Sabban Properties and Principal of National Charity School, Dr. Mohammed Robin Edris, students and teachers of National Charity School came together in a tree planting ceremony on school grounds.

The tree planting was carried out by enthusiastic students, who fielded shovels and dug pits and planted the saplings. The enthusiasm of the students spurred the teachers and officials on to participate whole heartedly.

Mrs. Al Marashi, spoke on the occasion and emphasized 'Rapid urbanization and pollution has affected the desert ecosystem and the plants and animals that live in it. There are more buildings, more roads, more people and more cars. This sudden influx is affecting every one and is said to be the cause behind the lack of interest, focus and freshness in students and professionals alike. Traffic congestion, exhaust fumes from vehicles and air pollution can take a toll on human beings. These tree plantations are decisive steps to combat climate change and desertification and to ensure the well being of UAE's environment'.

Mr. Arron Browne, Sales and Marketing Manager - Sabban Property Investments said:
'Sabban Property Investments are proud to support this significant event and the continuing efforts of the EEG to promote environmental awareness. Trees play a vital role in sustaining and balancing the eco-system and absorbing the excess, harmful green house gases. This event has helped educate public at the grassroots level about the importance of looking after out planet and we hope, in planting these tress, we have also planted seeds of knowledge that will grow in the students' minds'.
EEG is accredited to United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) governing Council.

Tree planting is a part of EEG's commitment to the UNEP's Billion Tree programme, wherein EEG had pledged 1.5 million indigenous trees to be planted in UAE in the year 2007. EEG surpassed its target and succeeded in planting more than 1,612,904 million indigenous trees.

The One Million Tree Campaign is continuing in the year 2008, as an ongoing commitment to UNEP and the New Year has already brought together corporate organisations and schools to plant trees for the latter that are committed to the cause of environmental protection and preservation.

Sabban Properties, one of EEG's unremittingly committed supporters have always joined in our efforts in helping UAE preserve its environment.

The tree plantation ceremony is a part of Sabban Properties' initiative to support the community and also encourage sustainable green spaces in UAE.

They have been trendsetters in caring for the community and the environment. EEG looks forward to future collaborations in pursuit of sustainable development.





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